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Vera Wang’s Closet Revealed!

“The Insider’s Brooke Anderson gets a personal tour of Vera Wang’s Los Angeles home and finds out what’s in her own sprawling closet!

The fashion business keeps Vera busy in New York most of the time, but she describes her L.A. home –which sits high in the hills and has sweeping views — as a “retreat” where she can relax and unwind. “There’s something amazing about being at bird level. I feel as though I’m sort of living in the sky and peeking down on Los Angeles from above… My L.A. closets, lots of black and gray. I’ve been criticized for that, but that’s sort of my uniform and I really love it.. I like moody colors and I like clothes that are sophisticated and lean.”

When asked what the one thing is she’d like to design for herself, Vera responds: “I’m kind of a handbag freak, and that’s not something I’ve done yet. So handbags might be a whole new arena for me. Handbags I think can be very tactile, and I love sort of a non-logo handbag, so that might be something I’d love to do in the near future.”

Watch the video for more footage of Vera’s gorgeous home and to hear her reveal which celebrity previously owned the residence.

Vera is known for creating wedding gowns for top Hollywood brides and now she’s got her own wedding-planning app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that is currently available on iTunes for free until March 1, 2012.”

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