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Real Wedding: Nina and Salvatore

Bride: Nina Okun Furia
Groom: Salvatore Furia
Wedding gown style: Gemma
Boutique purchased: Madison Avenue Flagship Store, NYC
Wedding date: 6/11/11
Location: Gladstone, NJ
Photographer: David Mielcarek

Did you have a certain style in mind when you started your search for a dress?
I was looking for something that looked more like an evening gown then a wedding gown. I wanted to walk down the aisle and look hot!

What made you decide on your Vera Wang gown?
It is just an incredible dress. It was tight on top and showed off my shape but also had the big skirt that made me feel like a bride. Vera’s name is synonymous with wedding gowns for a reason. Everything about being in the store, the stylists, the process, made it feel so real. It is the way you dream of finding your dress when you are a little girl.

Did you bring anyone along dress shopping? If so, did their opinions influence your final decision?
I brought my sister, mom and step-mom. I think their opinions were honest but I didn’t care! I held out until I found the gown that made me feel the way I wanted.

How did you accessorize to make your wedding day outfit unique?
For the ceremony I wore a diamond cross Sal gave me as a gift last year and stunning yellow citirne earrings my friends gave me that match my canary engagement ring. My “something borrowed” was a gorgeous crystal headpiece two of my best friends also wore! For the reception I added an incredible Vera Wang black sash with crystal details. It definitely added a little va-va-voom for the party and I received countless compliments. Sal picked up some super sexy silver Louboutins I was meant to wear for the party…but my Vera Wang white satin pumps were so comfortable I never changed! Needless to say I haven’t heard the end of that one!

What was the inspiration or theme for your wedding?
I was incredibly close with my Grandmother on my father’s side while she was alive and I still consider her one of the best friends I ever will have.  I owe any sense of style and grace I have to her. I chose absolutely everything with her taste level in mind. I hope I made her proud.

What are some personalized details you incorporated into your wedding?
My cake was an exact replica of my parents’ wedding cake, my bouquet had the same flowers as Sal’s grandmother’s bouquet, I walked down the aisle to the only song my Grandma knew how to play on the piano (Debussy’s Claire de Lune) and my guestbook was actually a coffee table book on Capri which is where we spent part of our honeymoon.

Did you incorporate any other Vera Wang products into your wedding? If so, how?
I wore a Vera Wang Runway veil and white satin pumps(very comfortable!). My sister, who was my maid of honor, wore a Vera Wang RTW gown from the Spring 2011 collection. I used Vera Wang silver frames to show off our family members, and sent silver taffeta lined monogrammed thank you notes.

What was your favorite part of the day?
Realizing what an incredibly lucky girl I am to have such an amazing person as a husband and best friend, to be born into such a loving and supportive family, to be marrying into such a warm and incredible family, and to possess the most wonderful friends on earth.

What tips do you have for new brides picking out their wedding dress?
You only do this once. Don’t get hung up on what ANYONE else thinks!

Are there any other anecdotes you’d like to share?
When you’re stressed and everyone seems to be annoying you, just focus on what this day truly means: you are beginning your life with the man of your dreams! Enjoy every second.


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