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Bride: Marilia Meirelles
Groom: Mauricio Herszkowicz
Wedding gown style: Diedre
Boutique purchased: Vera Wang Madison, New York
Wedding date: December 11th, 2010
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Photographer: Erika Verginelli

Did you have a certain style in mind when you started your search for a dress?
I wanted a dress that I would feel proud to wear and that I would remember forever. I also wanted something that made me feel unique but wasn’t too ‘girly’ or ‘puffy’.

What made you decide on your Vera Wang gown?
I started to look online and I couldn’t find anything I liked. When I saw the Diedre gown, I knew it was the dress for me. It was the first and only dress I tried on.

Did you bring anyone along dress shopping? If so, did their opinions influence your final decision?
My brother was visiting me in New York and I brought him and his girlfriend along. His reaction when he saw me wearing the dress is what made me decide to go for it. When I came out of the dressing room in the Diedre gown, his eyes were filled with tears, and so were mine!

How did you accessorize to make your wedding day outfit unique?
At first I didn’t wear a veil, but my mother insisted that I did so she bought me a beautiful, simple, long veil.

What was the inspiration or theme for your wedding?
I was inspired by colors – ivory, nude, vintage pink, burgundy and gold. The vibe was ‘rustic chic’.

Did your gown style relate to any other design elements of the wedding (ie. cake, invitations, etc.)?
The dress was the very first thing I bought for the wedding, so everything else was decided based on the style and color of the dress – from invitations to flowers.

What was your favorite part of the day?
The ceremony was incredible and unforgettable, but the party was also incredibly fun, as every Jewish wedding should be! Every single person of the 400 guests rocked the dancefloor!

What tips do you have for new brides picking out their wedding dress?
Go with your instinct and remember that most of the time it is right! Don’t take other people’s opinion on what style of dress you should wear so strongly. It is your special day, your moment, your body and no one should have a more important opinion than yourself.

Are there any other anecdotes you would like to share?
I met my husband about 10 years ago because I needed a guitar player for a band I had at the time. We were band mates and friends for years until we ended up together. The band ended about 6 years ago, so at the wedding we played a few songs to surprise our guests!

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