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Behind the Dress: Hazel

Hazel is soft, it’s light, and it’s full of movement.

What’s so attention-grabbing about this dress is the bodice. It’s done with a hand-engineered fabric technique called “sunburst pleating.” What that means is we took a very lightly-pleated fabric, and swirled it all around the bodice, lightly but with precision, finally bringing it to that asymmetrical accent at the shoulder. The whole layer of material is in motion. The hand-engineered sunburst in the bodice is that resplendent touch that gives this gown its over-the-top sumptuousness. To me this pleating also evokes the strokes of a paintbrush: you get a sense of the artist’s hand, working through the design, capturing light and movement and rhythm.

The skirt is built of from multiple layers of tulle, so it has that lighter-than-air quality that transforms the figure of the bride into a figure that’s almost like something out of myth. You can see that the tulle is cut for a high-low, contrasting effect: the layers come up higher in front and toward the back of the dress they come down further and further, very softly descending, as though she’s stepping out of a morning mist. And that’s where our pageant begins!

Hazel is very much a dress for someone who embraces fashion. This might be the choice for a bride who’s very taken with the theatrical side of her ceremony, who wants to be the star of her show. There’s definitely a little of the opera costume here, or the dramatic soloist’s costume. It’s so bold and show-stopping, it’s such a vivid statement of personality. I love creating gowns like these.

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