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Behind the Dress: Gabriela

Gabriela Gown

I’ve always believed in adding a bit of seduction to the wedding day. The trick is to do it elegantly, so it’s almost like a game of reveal and conceal. I especially love to do this with a corset, to give a coy hint of what’s beneath the surface.

To wear Gabriela is to become a delicate, tissue-wrapped present: a whisper-thin layer of tulle stretches across the exposed corset bodice. Gabriela’s sweetheart neckline is very flirtatious, but the tulle overlay gives it a peekaboo effect: cheek and poise at the same time.

Gabriela’s modified mermaid silhouette works beautifully for any body, and can fit appropriately with a variety of ceremonial settings. It can go more formal, or more contemporary or outdoor. As classic a gown as it is, where Gabriela pushes the envelope is in the playful texture of the skirt, with its effervescent cut blossoms, all bordered with horsehair. The horsehair that lines the tulle allows the fabric to stand at attention, and you see the light pass through it in different saturations. It becomes angelic. It’s another beautiful study in volumes and transparencies.

With Gabriela, as with all my designs, I’ve made sure that the exit, or the view of the bride from the rear, is just as thought-out as the entrance. Here, the gathered, stacked bustle in the back bubbles down the skirt and just melts into the ground, softly and effortlessly. With that softness in mind, I’ve introduced a shade of peach in Gabriela that’s new for me, and I particularly love how its creamy, almost vanilla hues enrich this gown.

Gabriela can be a sophisticated, minimalist gown, but it can also be more extravagant. For the right bride, a jeweled sash would make great addition, or a piece of accent jewelry. It all comes down to how the bride wants to express her own personal aesthetic on her big day.

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