Vera Wang

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‘Tumble Tulle’

As with my own wedding dress, I try to create shapes that go against what people are doing. For instance, if there’s a focus on shoulders, I’ll do something with the back. When you do ready-to-wear, it gives you a different perspective. You’re in fashion at the most conceptual level and that influences your work. We had some dresses one season that I thought looked too perfect. I thought about my ready-to-wear collection and said: ‘Let’s tumble all the tulle and hitch it up and make it look like it was in a tumble-dryer.’ That’s what I call my ‘tumble tulle.’ It was far more interesting to me than perfection. I’m always challenging how to think of the fabric and look at the proportions. There’s nothing – not a shape, a wash or a fabric – we haven’t done or tried. What we do is more fashion forward, like the next ad campaign for the spring collection – it’s amazing.

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