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Flowers have traditionally been used throughout the ages to enhance the beauty of the home. Vera Wang Flowers can bring beauty to your personal space and can transform your mood with their color and fragrance.

Flowers for the home. The first step when choosing flowers for the home is to identify the space where they will be placed. You want to make sure that flowers won’t blend into the background, but standout as a decorative accessory that works with your interior design. Next, you must choose flowers that fit the space. A large bouquet in a tall twelve inch vase can be highlighted on a table alone or used to decorate the dining room table when not in use. Small bouquets can be used to accent many places in the home including mantelpieces, side tables and windowsills.

Centerpieces. Floral centerpieces are an excellent way to bring drama and elegance to your dinner parties, holidays and celebrations. There are many different styles and shapes to choose from when selecting a centerpiece. A good, functional centerpiece should not detract from conversation, but add to the occasion. Used as an accent piece to tie together the entire look of the table, the centerpiece should coordinate and contribute to the festivities with its color, shape and style.

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