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Behind the Dress: Glenda

Glenda Gown
Art: Vera Wang

There’s an innocence to Glenda, a simplicity that’s so much a part of the classic, particularly American wedding tradition. You could say it’s maiden-like.

This gown has so many classic qualities: the crumb-catcher, which is a very iconic bridal look that speaks to the traditional bridal silhouette, and of course the ballgown skirt, which is timeless. But in this case we’ve added pleating to the skirt, for a modern twist that takes it to a place that’s a bit more interesting. And the crumb-catcher is soft, built up from layers of tissue organza, so it has a little flutter to it, rather than the stiffness of the vintage crumb-catcher.

The back view, and I always take special care with this part, is where you get the full effect of the straplessness on this gown. The bodice reaches just under the shoulder blades, so she’s got to be ready to show off that back, but I find this makes a gorgeous frame for a part of the body that’s so iconically female. The frame is simple, it’s sensual, it’s picture-perfect.

On the front of the bodice is where I’ve located the main visual focus of this dress. It’s embroidered with a beading technique called bullion bouquet. I used bullion, a metallic thread, to combine and mend together these beading elements in several different shades, forming a bouquet. So you have a series of shimmering bead layers, separated with bias layers of tulle and metallic lace, which gives you a depth of color and texture that’s almost tactile. This is a little different from the beading you’d find on a traditional wedding dress: the tulle gives a subdued effect to the beads, so that shimmering and shifting gives you a more complex view on the shades there, the gold, the silver, the contrast between the more tarnished and the more glittery metallics. It’s a very unique take on crystal embroidery that hasn’t been done before on a wedding dress, and that’s why I find it so eye-catching.

I loved using these subtle touches—the fluttering neckline, the layered beading—to breathe just that little modernity and freshness into this classic gown.

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