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The Symbolism of Flowers

The Symbolism of Flowers: A definition of beauty. Had I known more about flowers and their inherent symbolism when I got married, my wedding celebration might have looked and felt so different. Although white, long-stemmed roses were an appropriate but somewhat obvious choice for a formal wedding, there are so many other flowers I could also have used for a more personal experience. No matter what your preference, flowers can be a welcome aromatic addition and a creative tool for self-expression.

Here is a meaningful list:
Ambrosia: love returned
Anemone: expectation
Apple blossoms: hope, good fortune, better things to come
Baby’s breath: innocence, pure heart
Bluebell: constancy
Blue violet: faithfulness
Calla lily: beauty
Camellia: loveliness, gratitude
Daffodil: regard, joy
Daisy: gentleness, innocence
Forget-me-not: remembrance, true love
Freesia: innocence
Gardenia: purity
Heather: future fortune
Heliotrope: devotion, faithfulness
Hyacinth: loveliness
Iris: warmth of affection
Ivy: fidelity
Lilac (white): youthful innocence
Lily: majesty
Lily of the valley: happiness
Orange blossom: purity, virginity
Orchid: rare beauty
Queen Anne’s lace: trust
Rose (red): love
Rose (yellow): friendship
Rose (coral): desire
Rose (peach): modesty
Rose (dark pink): thankfulness
Rose (pale pink): grace
Rose (orange): fascination
Rose (white): innocence
Stephanotis: marital happiness
Tulip: passion, love
Violet: modesty, faithfulness
Zinnia: affection

By season:
Spring: Apple blossom, cherry blossom, daffodil, dogwood, forsythia, iris, jonquil, larkspur, lilac, lily, lily of the valley, peony, sweet pea, tulip, violet
Summer: Aster, calla lily, dahlia, daisy, geranium, hydrangea, larkspur, roses
Fall: Aster, chrysanthemum, dahlia, marigold, shasta daisy, zinnia
Year-round: Baby’s breath, bachelor button, carnation, delphinium, gardenia, ivy, lily, orchid, rose, stephanotis

Birth month flowers:
January: carnation
February: violet
March: jonquil
April: sweet pea
May: lily of the valley
June: rose
July: larkspur
August: gladiolus
September: aster
October: calendula
November: chrysanthemum
December: narcissus

Get inspired by the Vera Wang Flowers Collection!

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