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Behind the Dress: Erica Gown

Erica Gown

This is a truly luxurious gown: it isn’t meant to be subtle! The Erica bride has a streak of the exhibitionist. It may be her big day, but she can never have too much attention.

The strapless silk gazaar bodice defines the waist with a bold flourish. It’s a structured bodice, so it has that regal, statuesque crispness, and looks great from the rear also.

And then the modified mermaid gown is a sublime work of art in tissue organza. It’s blended with the gazaar in an elaborate network of layers. From the waist downward, the whimsy and the exquisiteness takes over, in the flange. The hand construction of all this resplendence is a challenge, requiring many different pieces cut on the bias, which are all wrapped around and stitched very precisely against the contours of her body.

I like to use this aesthetic in my gowns, because it’s so dramatic: I will begin on top with a narrow, streamlined shape, and then explode into dramatic movement with the skirt. It arrests the eye and as it moves, the layers are fanning out, letting the light and soft shadow play all throughout that beautiful blossom. With Erica, I have opted for a head-to-toe extravagance. I wanted everything to spill: think of an overflowing champagne glass. Erica is for the bride who wants gushing admiration, which we can all sympathize with. She wants to make a statement.

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