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Go Low (With Your Ponytail)

Low Ponytail

The editors of Allure magazine narrowed down the top eight beauty trends from the Fall 2011 runways and according to them, “the forecast for fall is far from dark and brooding. Lips and cheeks are brightly flushed; hair is loose and sultry.”

Here’s a look at trend #3: Low Ponytails

- “Ponytails reached a new low this season — in a good way.” –Allure, May 2011

- “It’s classic but young — you can wear it with an evening dress.” –Hairstylist Guido, Allure May 2011

- “If pieces fall out of the hair, that naturalness creates magic. –Hairstylist Oribe, Allure May 2011

Vera Wang’s Fall 2011 RTW Show: Hair Inspiration

The Look: Get the scoop on how Orlando Pita created the look.

“I wanted to create a look that had the feeling of structure yet was very loose, almost fluid, at the same time. The contrast of different textures is also important in this look. The hair on top is shiny and smooth, falls completely back from the face, and becomes more matte as it’s shaped into a voluminous pony-roll, with loose stands falling down the back.” –Orlando Pita at Orlo Salon for Moroccanoil

The Hair:
“Pita gathered the top half of each model’s hair into a very low ponytail, promptly tucking it under, securing it with bobby pins, and allowing the rest of the hair to fall loosely down the back. “The clothes are architectural and flowy, so I wanted the hair to be soft,” he explained. “The softer, the better,” interjected Wang, as she surveyed the look and gave Pita an appreciative pat on the back.” –, Ana Dragovic

Trick of the Trade: “To prevent a low style from dragging down your face, tease the crown… A little volume up top makes the ponytail ultra flattering and very feminine.” –Allure, May 2011

Pick up the May 2011 issue of Allure for more details on this season’s beauty trends!

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