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Close up: Emir Talks Hair & Make-up

Emir is often the go-to hair and make-up artist for Vera Wang Bridal and RTW shows. He shares some of his tips on achieving an Impressionist look, his favorite products, and bringing Vera’s make-up vision to life.

How long have you been doing hair and make-up?
I have been working as a hair and makeup artist over a decade and my experience in the fashion world has reinvented another side of my career.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Having an artist background has definitely helped me in working with the fashion designers and magazines in creating the illusion and bringing the designer’s inspiration in to life. My inspiration comes from constant research of art history as well as art as an art form and dance as a movement. Bringing certain eras into the modern world, but making it fresh is always fun. I always admired Impressionists because of the textures and color combinations they used. Their focus was on the moment of the day. You could see the brush strokes and you could feel them.

While working with Vera on various shows, events and photo shoots, do you find she has a certain style? How does it change between RTW & Bridal?
Vera Wang’s aesthetic has the beauty of an Impressionist painting when it comes to textures, shapes and movement, yet the classic feeling of beautiful sculpture. Her vision is a very modern twist of an Impressionist mind.

To ground the look we always have one focal point on the model’s face and that is usually a stronger eyebrow shape. Make up is very clean, yet fresh and modern. We try to keep makeup palates natural and semi-matte. Hair is either a very simple shape with some movement or very clean lines with the textured silhouette.

We always meet and discuss the best possible look and after that we make sure that Vera feels the look will balance the collection and bring her inspiration to life.

What are your favorite hair and make up products?
I love Armani for face, YSL for concealers, Maybelline Waterproof Very Black mascara and cheeks and lips depending on the look. I stay with sheer lipsticks and velvety eye shadows. Try PSSSSS Dry Shampoos, Remino Dry Wax and Moroccan Oil. These are my best friends when it comes to hair and makeup.

You can see more of Emir’s work on his photo gallery site. – Liza Rosen

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