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Behind the Dress: Felicity Gown

Felicity Gown
Art: Vera Wang

In Felicity, the hand-painted lace provides a charming counterpoint to the more sophisticated architectural dresses in this collection. I’ve used a palette of lilac and charcoal, which gives it a smoky, watercolor effect—it’s such a luscious surprise and gives the layers of tulle and tissue organza a little extra dimension. It’s so beautiful in this color, it almost looks like a watercolor brush painting. This is for a bride who wants to push the envelope and add a color to the ceremony in a way that’s a little unusual.

Felicity is one of the ultimate garden party gowns, with the punched flowers encircling the skirt like a bouquet and the dark, tarnished beading inside the rosettes. It has all the elements of a fantasy ball gown: the lightness, the ballerina tulle, the gaiety and youthful spirit. Though the skirt looks like it has a lot of volume, that lavish proportion comes from the way that the fabric is draped. You can still see the light streaming through those gathers. It’s a play on volume using light, with the layers ballooning out so that it can filter in unimpeded. It gives an impression of pure diaphanousness. Felicity is the perfect wedding dress for the free spirit!

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