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Behind the Dress: Faye Gown

Faye Gown
Art: Vera Wang

The veil has always been a powerful symbol because it flirts and reveals at the same time as it hides. Faye is my study in the art of transparency.

I’ve chosen to accentuate this strapless sweetheart neckline with a lightweight gazaar, a loosely-woven silk, that teases and complicates the design. The diaphanous drape is so feminine and airy, and yet we can peek through at the structure of the corset, which gives the gown a beautiful minimalist statement.

The sleeveless cut has always been one of my signature looks. I love how the sheath of the dress defines the torso of the bride, sets off her arms, and then is carried away by the fragility of the gazaar, downward to the gentle asymmetry of the skirt. From the tension between the bodice and the transparency of that drape, we get an impression that’s so angelic and soft. The bride who wears Faye has a feel for the magic and beauty of being draped in light.

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