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Off on a Spring Trip? Plan Your Packing Strategy


Are there secrets to packing? Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be organized for any trip.

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CARRY-ON. Every woman should have a streamlined, lightweight carry-on that’s big enough for her favorite book or magazine, a change of clothes in case your luggage gets lost, your valuables – jewelry and camera – a pair of slippers or socks and a cashmere shawl.

THE RIGHT SUITCASE is very important. Be sure that the size and durability of your suitcase matches up with the trip you’re taking. Your luggage should be all about ease and getting as much of what you need into one suitcase.

FOR A LONGER TRIP bring something that reminds you of home. Whether you bring a scented candle, a picture of family or your own pillow the added personal touch will make your hotel room more welcoming.

WEAR LAYERS. If you’re taking your favorite jacket or long sweater, no need to pack it. Slip it on for your flight over a thin cotton tank and you’ll save space in your suitcase while staying warm.

DON’T FORGET your phone charger. I would be lost without my Blackberry!

CREATE A PACKING LIST to be sure you’re taking everything that you need and that you won’t leave anything behind. If you’re truly a fierce fashionista, take Polaroids, or digital images, of your outfits to avoid over packing.

BUY THINGS THERE. It’s always fun to go shopping in a new destination and whatever you buy will become a souvenir of your adventures once you’re back home.

DON’T NEGLECT YOUR BEAUTY REGIME while you’re traveling. Keep your skin well hydrated by carrying a travel size container of your go to eye cream and facial moisturizer.

PICK A COLOR SCHEME for your trip. This will reduce your need to repeat clothing items by allowing you to mix and match everything in your bag.

PACK IN SEPARATE POUCHES. Pack your lingerie, toiletries, swimwear and shoes in separate pouches or Ziploc® bags. This tip is great for facilitating easy access on a trip with many stops.

Print these tips plus a handy packing checklist here.

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