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Behind the Dress: Flora Gown

Flora Gown
Art: Vera Wang

Flora is exactly what you might think—a true floral fantasy from head to toe. It’s a gown that will appeal to romantic brides with a taste for artistic, impressionistic flourishes. For this dress, I wanted to use a mixed-media approach. I use this technique a lot in my gowns, because I’m always looking for ways to mix it up, to give the dress a certain kind of depth and complexity.

There’s fragility and lightness in the multiple fabrics I use—tulle and tissue organza—that you wouldn’t see in a more flatly constructed gown, and the nude and blush color, layered with ivory hand-painted flowers, add an especially multidimensional, tonal effect. These effervescent blossoms appear to float underneath the asymmetrical flanges and cut blossoms of the skirt, which trail like a cascading garland.

To add even more texture, the delicate sea bead embroidery on the scoop neck bodice is woven around cotton voile, hand-punched flowers. I also used tulle at the neckline to evoke delicacy, and as a way to unite the top and bottom of the gown for an unbroken, gentle progression in the silhouette.

One of the signatures of my Spring collection is asymmetry, and it’s here in Flora, in the random, yet artfully considered aspect to the placement of the flowers, like traditional Japanese wabi-sabi, which finds beauty in nature’s subtle irregularities and imperfections. In that sense, Flora is very organic.

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