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For the Vera Wang Fall 2011 collection, runway stylist Orlando Pita at Orlo Salon for Moroccanoil, created boldly romantic, very modern hair emphasizing the contrast of rounded architectural shapes with graceful flowing lines. Here, he gives the scoop on how he created the look:

The Look
I wanted to create a look that had the feeling of structure yet was very loose, almost fluid, at the same time. The contrast of different textures is also important in this look.

The hair on top is shiny and smooth, falls completely back from the face, and becomes more matte as it’s shaped into a voluminous pony-roll, with loose stands falling down the back.

How the Look Was Created
I started by spraying Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray on the top, sides, back, and underneath the hair. I could use this because it’s not sticky and gave hair the substance that I needed before backcombing. It’s also easy to comb out, and I use it as a styling product as well as for finishing.

I then sprayed again with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray and blow dried the hair. It’s that interesting blow drying this hairspray helps make its hold stronger.

I pulled all the hair back and down, and backcombed at the nape of the neck and above the collarbone. Only this area was teased, with the rest of the hair left sleek with hair hanging down.

I wanted to slick back the front, and added more hairspray on top to give the hair extra shine and to show the difference in texture from the rest of the hair which was more matte.

I pulled back the hair and tied it in a loose low ponytail, several inches below the nape of the neck. I pushed the tied section of the ponytail up and over, and then criss-crossed two large bobby pins across the elastic band and pinned to the nape of the neck. This created a beautiful voluminous shape with long, flowing pieces extending down. – stylist Orlando Pita at Orlo for Moroccanoil

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