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Close-up: Zan Ludlum

Zan Ludlum

For her runway shows, Vera always works closely with casting director Zan Ludlum. We asked Zan about the model casting process, what kind of model works best for Vera, and which model we’ll be talking about in the future?


How do you go about the model casting process? Usually, when discussing the casting direction for Vera Wang’s show we discuss with Vera her over all mood for the collection. The stylist’s vision is integral to the conversation and together the three of us put together boards of our favorite girls of the season that would represent this vision. Girls always come in to meet Vera to try on clothes from the collection and bring the concept to life.

What trends have you noticed this season? For Vera specifically we have always gone for very fresh faces. There has been the trend recently of finding girls with a presence and sense of character to really bring their own aura back to the clothes.

What top new faces should we look out for? This season we are working with stylist Panos Yiapanis who loves the character of girls like Daphne, Saskia, and Arizona.

Who is your all time favorite model? Freja, Kate Moss, Arizona – a great new girl who has the ease and character of a future star.

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