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Behind the Dress: Fawn Gown

Fawn Gown

Art: Vera Wang

Everything about Fawn is so soft and so delicate it’s almost floating. Fawn is a gown with a clearly luxurious sensibility, but you can see there’s also a youthfulness to it that’s so classically feminine, even girly.

I always love when a crumbcatcher frames the bride’s body at just the right degree. With this gown I’ve used multiple layers of organza to create a delicacy that suggests the romance and the fragility of a ballerina. Fawn stands out in the collection as perhaps the most delicate, the most girlish of all. It’s a fantasy of lightness and beautiful texture that’s so traditional, but I’ve added cascading layers of Chantilly lace applique flow that into textures like blossoms over the organza, which gives the gown an updated sophistication that’s modern and intriguing.

I’m always very concerned with the exit a bride will make. She should look just as beautiful for the attendees as on her entrance, and in this gown the lace blossom presents a gorgeous vision as delicate as falling snow. With Fawn, the lightness, fragility and delicacy of my Spring collection reaches its peak in this reinvention of a timeless ivory gown.

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