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Behind the Bling


I think sometimes it’s more modern to be plainer at night and crazier to wear accessories in the day. I think the bling started for me from a sense of wanting to add another element of composition to the clothing — and wanting to add more attitude. Because everything I’m trying to convey is an attitude for nine minutes on the runway; sometimes eight minutes. And I think that was part of what started it.

What makes our jewelry unique is that it doesn’t come from a jewelry perspective. It comes from a beaded development swatch. I spend so much time every year developing these things before a collection, half of which no one ever sees or gets used. One day I just started stringing them around for fitting on a ribbon. And I said, my God, it looks so great as just a necklace, and by the way, you can take it off if you don’t feel like wearing it. And that’s where it really came from.

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