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Happy Holidays!

At Rockefeller Center last week in front of the famous tree
In front of the tree at Rockefeller Center a few weeks ago

Barbados–The thing about the holidays in warm climes, particularly Xmas, is you forget what, where, who and why you are there….kind of like that  Lina Wertmuller film…Swept Away…..especially since history and culture conditions most of us to think of Xmas in terms of snow, and ice, and fireplaces, and decorative lights….   Well last night I lay in a spectacular hot-tub/lagoon under the stars, an insane sauna, cocktails at 7:30… dinner with friends (8 families including those we travel with….30 of us??? Hard to count… Roast beef and potatoes by the sea….and again…music, moonlight dancing out of doors!!!! You should all try it!!!!! Today….my trainer Vicky…the pool….then the beach??? or late day golf??? Still worrying about work though…….!!!! The wheels of fashion never really stop!!!! — XX Vera

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