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A lot of what is on the runway will be things I can wear. In fact, it’s been more and more that way for the last three years. When we started seven years ago, it had an evening slant, but then it has evolved. Of course, I have to listen to the stores, but more than ever on the runway, I express what I would wear myself. And that’s a different thing for women designers than men. In a way, to be really legitimate or to really have integrity, you have to relate to your own clothes. And I have made it a real thing for the last seven years, that if I do a show, they are really clothes I would wear.

That’s the relationship that women designers have with their product. Men designers come from a much more abstract place, so it’s a very different thing. I always say that unless they’re jumping in all the clothes themselves, they can’t possibly know what it really feels like. And I think that’s a good thing for women, that women can relate to their products so personally. I think it’s a good thing for men they can be so abstract. I mean, maybe there’s a freedom there, I don’t know. But we do definitely approach it very differently. Many of the designers I admire the most are women designers. I love Jil Sander. I love Rei Kawakubo. I love Consuelo Castiglioni and Miuccia Prada. These women have made really incredible contributions to fashion – it’s just extraordinary.

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