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What to do in Venice? Eat!

Vera and Arthur in Venice
Me and Arthur in Venice last June

I think Venice is incredibly beautiful because it’s got so much history. I’ve been to Venice many, many times, but I really took my daughters to see it while I still could. Venice is a physical trip, because to go anywhere you have to go onto the water and you have to get in and out of the Vaporetto boats. Forget even the gondola — that’s a whole other thing! But you have to be really up for the trip. What makes it interesting is all the islands. So it’s not just Venice itself, it’s going to all the outer islands to visit, and eat and shop — all these different things.

But what I really went there for was just to eat, because my husband and I both adore Italian food. And we’ve eaten Italian food in the south of Italy, in the west and east of Italy, the northern part of Italy. Through the years we’ve always made it a point to go to Italy at least once a year, whether it’s been Sardinia or Milan or Rome. Since the kids were young, we always took them to Italy. We just adore the food. So for us, it’s more of a food trip than anything else. We plan all the restaurants where we’re going to eat, and we go knowing what we’re going to eat there. That’s sort of our culinary trip.

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