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Todd Bernstein

Having missed my moment for a marathon forever, that is one of the regrets I will always harbor….especially today! Once a year, during the New York City Marathon I watch the incredible fireworks display the night before, the colorful flags, and how this event galvanizes people from all over the world and from all walks of life… cool! A pair of running shoes, and the will to ‘just do it’ paraphrasing NIKE …is what I love about sports and running in particular…the great equalizer. On a fashion note…love the neon footwear and long lycra and the armbands many runners have been sporting…edgy…and probably practical??! Footloose and fashion forward, kind of like sporty meets ballroom. I have to go welcome my Senior Vice President of Sales at the finish line, he did say 4 hours, so have to get going….but watching him makes me want to run…hopefully by tonight this inclination will have disappeared….till next year ! Could it all be fashion motivated? XX Vera

Note: This was Todd’s second NYC Marathon. “I decided to run last year because I got in on the lottery,” he says. He decided to run this year to beat last year’s time.

And what was his most memorable impression of the experience? “The people who line the streets for hours cheering,” he says. “In Brooklyn there are Marathon parties that you pass where people decorate their windows and hold up signs. It’s the closest thing you can get to feeling liking a professional athlete.”

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