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Turkey Forever

Crepe Cake

My father’s home in Palm Beach used to be the designated Thanksgiving dinner assignation, so friends and family would fly down there for a weekend of golf, swimming, shopping, and eating with the major emphasis on eating!! Thanksgiving turkey is one of my favorite meals year round: white meat please, crisp skin, sweet potatoes with melted marshmallow topping (my recipe), mashed potatoes (lots of cream and butter), fresh peas, fresh broccoli, real cranberry sauce made from scratch (my mother’s recipe), but most of all….. her famous stuffing which survives to this day. I am sure my daughter Josephine, who loves to cook, will carry that tradition on to the next generation of Thanksgiving gatherings!! Dessert has to be a coconut whipped cream cake from Greenberg’s Bakery in NY, a multi-layer crepe cake from Lady M Confections and some sort of pie…pumpkin (my favorite) or apple (Josephine will bake)…..and cookies! A happy celebration to all and always remember to include someone at your table who may be alone or traveling or would welcome the company! XX Vera

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