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NEW YORK, Oct. 23 — Started a spectacular Saturday morning with the film Moulin Rouge…Baz Luhrman’s emotional tale of impossible love…Having met Baz at Sir Elton John’s event this week provided a bit of an insight as to the artist vs the man…! Next a truly inspirational tale of Cher… A courageous free thinker, an independent creative spirit, an incredible role model and a fearless fashion innovator for all you modern girls out there! Wrote her own handbook literally!…. A perfect prelude to my talk this afternoon to tons of young women for Amy Astley’s Teen Vogue Fashion University! Now I’m all psyched for an afternoon of fashion speak, and the opportunity to inspire all these young budding fashionistas! What a privilege! And what fun! More later!!!

This afternoon I arrived with my daughter Josephine at the Hudson Theatre just steps from Vogue and Teen Vogue’s corporate offices while my friend, Zac Posen was finishing his star turn at the Teen Vogue symposium. As it turned out…Zac in a sexy tight orange pullover and white shirt actually received a huge birthday cake on stage which we all eyed jealously. I then presented a young lady from Michigan, Amanda Gyuran, with her $25,000 Teen Vogue scholarship award alongside my dear friend editor-in-chief Amy Astley. As the keynote speaker, and the last speaker of the day (30 in all) I was in a total panic. What more could anyone say about fashion or in my case…myself?! So luckily it became about the q+a! Speaking about universities… No matter what…it’s always great to visit my own alma mater, Vogue, like homecoming week! It’s also so thrilling to engage with so many passionate young people with so many dreams about being in fashion. Their energy will inspire me!

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