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Real Wedding: Kendall and George

Bride: Kendall Arney Vincent
George Damas Vincent, Jr.
Vera Wang Wedding gown:
Bouquet with floral sash
Boutique purchased:
Vera Wang Bridal House, New York
Wedding date:
May 30, 2010
Memphis, TN
Ramblin’ Rose Photography


Did you have a certain style in mind when you started your search for a dress?
I definitely wanted something sophisticated and timeless, but I did not have a specific shape or fabric in mind.

What made you decide on your Vera Wang gown?
When I put on the gown I chose for our wedding, I just knew it was the one. The dress is elegant and understated, yet incredibly detailed and refined. And above all else, I felt comfortable and beautiful in it.

Did you bring anyone along dress shopping to help make a decision?
I brought my mother along when I went dress shopping. We are close, so she could have influenced my decision tremendously, but more than anything she wanted me to be happy. We went to the Vera Wang salon in New York on our first day of dress shopping. As soon as I put on Bouquet, I told her that I had found my wedding dress. While I believe she was concerned that I was making a quick decision, she immediately saw how confident and happy I was in the dress and agreed that it was perfect.

How did you accessorize to make your wedding day outfit unique?
More than anything I wanted my wedding day outfit to be meaningful and special, so I wore diamond stud earrings that my husband gave me for my birthday a few years ago, as well as a delicate diamond necklace that he presented to me the night before our wedding. I also wore a tennis bracelet that belonged to my great-grandmother and asked our florist to pin a broach on my bouquet that has been worm by every woman on my mother’s side of the family on her wedding day.

What was the inspiration or theme for your wedding?
Whimsical Elegance

Did your gown style relate to any other design elements of the wedding?
George and I got married outside, so the floral sash on my dress was perfect for the setting. My dress was also an inspiration for our wedding cake.

What was your favorite part of the day?
My favorite part of the day was our ceremony. George and I worked with our officiants at great length to customize a meaningful and very personal wedding service.  Although we had a large number of guests in attendance, it felt like George and I were the only ones there. It was a wonderfully emotional experience for the both of us. The surprise fireworks at the end of the ceremony were also quite enjoyable.

What tips do you have for new brides picking out their wedding dress?
Be true to yourself when you pick a dress and trust your instincts. My mother-in-law came with me to my first dress fitting. When she saw the dress she said, “it looks just like you! If you had shown me a hundred dresses, that is the one I would have said that you picked.” By saying that, she completely reconfirmed that I had made the right choice.

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