Vera Wang

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A Night of Fashion, Friends, and Skating



Visited with my friend Serkan Sarier for his Brood clothing presentation at the Nicholas Robinson Gallery. Loved that it was an intimate and controlled viewing that made for an intelligent way to study and appreciate the clothes that were intricately constructed and so modern in feel.  


Next, I co-chaired the 25th anniversary of the Ice Theatre of New York for my friend Moira North whose devotion to ensemble skating and the concept of skating as a performance-oriented artform is so respected. So many United States champions and Olympic champions I didn’t know where to look!!! And you know I LOVE FIGURE SKATING! Sarah Hughes, Johnny Weir, Jojo Starbuck and Dorothy Hamill all skated beautifully…Scott Allen, John Misha Petkevich, Kenneth Shelley, Elaine Zayak, my former coach Sonya Dunfield, Aja Zanova, and so many others showed up to honor Dorothy for her immense contribution to our sport! I was the lucky presenter (and a special secret…I designed her wedding dress last year) a special friend, a special woman, a special champion!

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