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Winter Wedding? Think Cashmere and Capes

Cashmere Cape

Dreaming of a strapless gown, but want more coverage for the ceremony? Adding a wrap, shrug, or bolero is a creative way to solve that dilemma and also create a style statement. There are so many options depending on your point of view and the type of look you want to achieve. It can also be a lot of fun. I think of it as creating a look within a look. It’s a clever way to create two distinct moods for the ceremony and the reception as well.

If you’d like to make a fashion statement, try some pieces such as a jeweled bolero, detachable overskirt (particularly with short cocktail-length dresses) or a georgette coat to shift your silhouette.

With richer fabrics such as Duchesse satin, a matching wrap or shawl brings Hollywood glamour to your look.

For more nuanced coverage, go with a sheer wrap.

For a more traditional look without creating too striking a contrast, choose a shrug or wrap that is integrated into the design of the gown. The look will appear seamless.

Want a modern approach? For a winter wedding, I love a hooded, floor-length, cashmere cape. Luxurious! Unexpected! Even a little bit practical!

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